• Death Mystery & Eternity

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Who we are and what is it all about?

Herbalism (and aromatherapy) are multilevel in usage and affect on consciousness even stronger than on the physical body. With the power of plants, emotional state and mindset can be changed, energy body upgraded, and so your whole life.  Herbalism is the alternative holistic way of wellbeing. Besides, plants are a powerful tool in changing life and finding balance. 

The mystical herbalism and druidism deal with the spirituality and self-growth, dark and hidden sides of life,  and death mysteries, like: acceptance and awareness of death, end of life and after-death matters,  near-death and unknown experiences, ancestry and legacy,  funeral ceremonies and more for a better understanding of the Life-Death interweaving. The world is full of wonders more than you think.

We are here to help you relieve from ignorance and fear of Death, explore Life & Death balance, become mindfulness and wholeness. Death is a Great Transformator and Teacher, but is unsrespectfully misunderstanded nowadays. There are no care and respect for terminally ill patients or passed ones with Death enmity. 

Some say that life is meaningless and nothing matters. Some say your life is the most important thing in the world. Never believe them. 

We love and respect Nature.

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Your inner state ( your mind , emotions, feelings and beliefs ) rule your psychological and physical health, and your life. You get results only when your consciousness is ready for them and this is where herbalism can help you to master your life and make you healthy. Healthy strong mind leads to greatness

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