Ancestors worship: how to make an altar?

ancestors worhip

The easiest way to make a family altar is to find a place and place there something symbolical and related to yourself and your family, like photos, heirlooms or any other things with the meaning. If you are deep into some religion or spiritual tradition then make it with respect to their rules. 

Burn incense, light candles or anything that works for you for a better connection with the powers.
You must like your alter and feel good sitting around. It doesn't matter how big or full of riches is your alter, moderation is the best thing here, unless your inner self or religious tradition requires specific things.
Anyway, listen to yourself and do it on your way. There are many practices, with their advantages, but you should find your way.

Use our herbs (herbal bags) and anointing oils for a better connection with the powers and ancestors, and as gifts and offerings for them. The best way to keep herbal bags or the oil on your altar. As for oil, anoint candles, objects and the alter itself with it as you. A few drops of the oil are enough for the anointing, but repeat it every month or anytime you need extra help. You can use spells or prayers with it, and anything else, if you want.

When and how often perform the rite is up to you, but we advise to do it:

  • on anniversaries and other special dates for your family
  • on your birthday
  • before 3 (every day), 7 (every day), 14 (every 1 -7 days) or 40 days (every 1-10 days) before your birthday
  • the wheel of the year's celebrations and especially on the Samhain (31 of October / 1 of November) and on the Yole (24 of December/ 25 of December)
  • every time you feel the connection with your family or need their help.


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