Wax curse signs

Simple self- check for being under a spell / curse with wax & fire.

curse sign

What do you need:
1 candle, 1 tablespoon, a bowl with cold water, a small amount of beeswax (~ 1/2 tablespoon).
Optional: Meditative mind, Cleansing oil or Unspell oil.

What to do:
Calm down, purify your mind and concentrate on your wish to see negativity you have. Dress a candle with a few drops of the oil and light it. Melt the beeswax in a spoon by holding it above a candle fire, then pour in the cold water and wait for a few minutes. After that, take the wax figure out of the water and look carefully at it.

Basic figures and their meanings:
knots - you are under attack, your energy is blocked partly
strings, ropes, ties - someone stealing your energy
bubbles -negativity
faces - "evil spirits", possesions or a face of your enemy
male/female figure - your enemy or sign that you are under a love spell
hanged man - connection with undead or you are possesed by a spirit
sex organs - you are under a love spell or attack
human body organs - a  curse for illness, death
whirlpool - a curse sign, usually for poverty or bad luck
baby , flowers - you are under a love spell or attack
crosses, graves - a death or illness curse sign
religion attributes and letters- if you are not adept of the particular religion, then this is a sign of a curse, that was made by someone who is into this religion
other figures with specific meanings to you  - may tell you what's wrong.

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