What causes the connection with someone dead?

Fear of the dead came first, long before the fear of death bound mankind. 

The vengefulness of the deceased has many faces, but the main reason for their hostility is the bond between the living and the dead ones.

Who are the dead? What causes a connection with them?

connections with dead

Did you know why keeping anything belonging to a dead person is bad luck? Often, the deceased are angry when people continue to use things the dead person owned. That's why his/her favorites were placed in the grave to please them.

Some say, that if the deceased, was left out during the funeral he/ she will not forgive, but will take his /her ownThe same thing with unpaid debts, violated oaths and broken promises. It's too hard to hide from supernatural revenge. All debts must be paid.

Some folks believe that precious commodities will help their loved ones in their next journey as for payment or as property.

Sometimes, the spirits of the dead are bounded with a particular house, place, or even with their grave, because of the curse or tragic events, that happened there. Negative emotions are usually stronger than positive ones, but in some cases, deep love feelings can bound you with the place for many years. 

Specific energy of mass graves, curses, scene of murderers and hate attracts hostile forces that make people suffer. 

Those who spend a lot of time and emotions with dying and dead persons due to their work, as well as those who regularly visit cemeteries are vulnerable too.

One of the pagan customs was to sing hymns and songs before leaving the house with the coffin, as well as when the funeral procession passed by neighbors as a farewell to ease his/ her way out of here and to protect the living from connections with them. Today, religion's adepts are doing almost the same.

 Disrespect for the dead, especially on their graves, can cause negative effects for the violater, but not always.

What's else? Hate, as well as love, can hold together the living and the dead persons until their bond is completely broken. 

Death in a family brings specific heavy energy, that attracts hostile powers, that's why protection of the livings space is essential when you are grieving. 

When you are holding onto your grief you are strengthening a bond between you and the deceased, and sometimes, keeping a part of his /her near you as a prisoner against his/her will.

Also, spirits  may try to connect with you on sacred festivals, birthdays or other special dates, to demand or ask for something,

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