How do I know if someone put a curse on me?

First of all, when you’re really cursed, that kind of question doesn’t arise because it’s obvious. In such cases, there are usually negative long-lasting unchangeable life events, out of any logical explanations, which cannot be avoided by any means. It’s like miracles came into your life, but unpleasant ones, when all spheres of your life are destroyed with cruelty. At the same time, a cursed person usually has a strong illusory perception of reality. And of course, he/she will be faced with health and money problems.

Don’t confuse a curse with laziness, personal failure and stupidity. It’s easy to chalk it up to bad luck or damnation, but let’s not forget that any curse can be broken, and the only way to do it is cleansing your mind. It’s hard, but effective.

The main thing when you are under a serious magic attack (a spell, curse, or smth else) is lacking of self-control and a sense of true-self. When you are cursed you are doing things that are not common to you: new strange thoughts and desires, new unbreakable beliefs, obsessive behavior, unstoppable 24/7 internal dialogue, controversial desires.

Damnations and curses are aimed to change your personality and they will do it in many ways, obvious and hidden, by corruption and tearing you apart, by love and hate.

The way of being under the great forcing..

Being under the curse or real damnation means being under an illusion, see things unclear, in the way they want it.. And we are not talking about something difficult to understand, no, illusion cover basics first. Being totally blind to see the true reality, despite its absolute clearness for others. Often, after relieving from the magic attack, an ex-cursed person can't understand how s/he couldn't realize the truth that was always in front of him, but hidden under the illusion for so long, and behave that way.
Besides, when you under a spell, you attract people with the same beliefs / illusions.

One day, you may be surrounded only by them, so no one will be near you to tell you something different and you will become them. Look who are near you, they may be all about the same. You would probably feel good and bad with them at the same time, and this is another sign for you. However, if you are under a strong curse, even if someone will try to open your eyes, you will not believe them and forget it soon.

Memory blocks and broken personality are one of the main signs of being under a spell/curse. You may forget many years of your life and firstly events, that can help you to recover from a curse will be forgotten. During your healing process, you will start to remember many things.


Damnations and curses make you to forget yourself.

The blindness depends on how strong and deep a curse into you. With the strongest ones, you will not realize what exactly you are doing wrong. You would believe (and suffer) about an idea, which feels completely yours, but actually, someone put it into you to change your life.
A few examples:
  • Your belief that money is something dirty and unspiritual may lead you to poverty;
  • Your need for pain and self-suffering will bring you specific events every day;
  • Deep hate inside you will attract others whom you would hate, so you may lose all money, family or "freedom";
  • A strong idea of fairyness can make you always jobless.
These are simples examples, but all of them can ruin your life and can be put inside you by others.
Simple magical influences will change your mood or interact in your life events for a short time and they are easy to block only by self-control methods or by a few basic meditation.
Average red flags that you are under the spell or curse:
curse sign


  • At the moment of attack your mood may suddenly change;
  • memory blocks, you may forget many years of you life 
  • broken personality, like someone inside you
  • Strange deep depression;
  • Sleep paralysis, anxiety dreams.
  • No energy for anything, always tired;
  • Unexpected or unusual health problems;
  • Huge unexpected financial problems;
  • Repeated disruption of deals right before its conclusion;
  • Unexplained deep fear, anxiety, nightmares (including those where bad things are done to you)
  • Sudden contacts with unfriendly supernatural forces (spiritual attack);
  • Strange or "forgotten" things at your home/office/car/ etc ( we recommend to burn it or at least throw out without touching it with bare hands);
  • You had received a present before things changed to the worse;
  • Voices in your head;
  • A sense of stifling (like you are wearing a collar) or drowning, a feel of a stake in your heart / stomack,  pressure in your head;
  • Everything is a blur.

Your enemy’s business may improve after the enchantment, but not necessarily, depending on what kind of magical influence was made. Usually, your enemy getting better when you are getting worse in energy vampirism of some sort of magic when something is stealing from your regularly. 

Some simple ways to check yourself:


Way #1: Focus on your question, melt wax in a tablespoon (you can use wax from a candle, just take a wick out), pour the melted wax in a bowl with cold water, wait for a few minutes, then take a wax figure out from the water and look at it. You can see your enemy's face, if your question was about it. As for being under a curse/ spell, if the wax figure has a lot of "knots", bubbles, faces, spears, chains and other things, that means that you are under a spell /magic attack. You are fine if your wax figure is smooth (or almost smooth). Small wax knots and "bubbles" are not serious, everyone has something "negative" nowadays. Basic wax meanings.

Way #2: Focus on your question, keep a wax candle in your hands for a few minutes, write your name or your wish, after that burn the candle. "Crying" candle with bubbles, knots or with different figures is not a good sign for you.

Way #3: Focus on yourself and your intent to purify yourself from negativity, light a candle and move it from your head to your feet, up and down, for a few minutes, after that left a candle burning as usual and look on wax signs.

Don't use tea candles, only wax chime or taper candles.

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Sleep paralysis & nightmare treatment.


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this is not necessarily a curse. Your situation may be different. It depends on who you are and who you want to be. We sent you an email.


I believe I have been cursed. Nothing goes smoothly in my life. I can’t seem to get along with everyone and everyone I met left me after a while though I have been trying to perform well as a good friend. Being kind, being helpful, buying people meals very often and trying go be easy going. It truly has been bizarre how my effort has generated nothing. It has not been smooth in all areas of my life. Be it career, family or friendships.

I honestly do not believe I have so much negative qualities as a person that people must leave me. I tried to blend into the crowd and be nice. I only get 2 types of treatment. People who uses me or people who leaves me. I found no real genuine friendship/relationship in this world. I’ve seen often how people bonded and I often wonder is it real and if so what does it takes to get there? I’ve failed to even get near in 40 yrs.

As such I’ve turned to solitude. Being alone. Being comfortable doing things alone. Being brave to do things alone. And avoid crowd for my life experiences have trained me to see people as evil. I have very often feel the need to ‘go home’ except that i dont know where is home. I know for a fact this world is not my home and I am not welcomed here. After 40 yrs of sufferings I know I do not belong here. I am just trying my best to live in solitude and occasionally meeting new people but i already know how it would all pan out in the end. Its always the same script. Just different actors/actresses in the script.

Life is one big mystery to me. I thought i am smart and hardworking but doing well in life seems to elude me since day one. For this I think I have been cursed by people I offended when I was young or somewhere along the way. At times I felt the whole world are in collaboration to harm me. No way that is happen as they all dont know each other but its just this negative energies bombarding me from all angles. And to survive I avoid people and only come out in the night. I don’t feel safe when it is bright day light or when there are a lot of people.


we answered you via email.


you can try one of the methods mentioned above, we recommend checking it with wax and water.
The main thing is to shake your mind to start think clearly and free yourself, step by step. There are many ways how to do it, but we recommend simple meditation with herbal oils or incense that will help you alter your state of mind and unblock your consciousness.
Keep records, write everything you are thinking after a meditation session, this will help you find the way.
A curse is some kind of program, an idea, that is living inside you. Someone put it inside you, like many others, e.g. smoking, but with different effects.


I genuinely feel like the universe is working against me or at the very least society. I have no friends or loved ones,I hate my family which is a mutual feeling. I have zero energy ,to the point I can not function,and none of this is new. I am terrified of people as Everytime I show my face I am treated as a scapegoat, black sheep, public enemy etc. It truly feels like the twilight zone. Negative synchronicity/timing has always been a reoccurring theme in my life. Through me in a group of people and I will always become targeted/alienated Even if I’m just an seemingly average guy. There has always been a lack of empathy and understanding for issues I have gone through in life. It truly has been a bizarre 30 years. I don’t see myself as a complainer or a lazy person and will power alone isn’t going to pull me out of this. I really don’t feel like I’ve wronged anyone enough to deserve this torment. I’m pretty close to suicide and that’s just from a practical standpoint because I really don’t see myself making it work. It’s like being bedridden on an alien planet and having to constantly hide to survive and stay sane.

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