What is a curse and how to curse yourself?

What is a curse? Oxford’s dictionary defines a curse as a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something, and this definition is quite true. Damnation is used as a synonym here, but usually in the context of punishment by god.

The Jinx (evil eye) a person or thing that brings bad luck. Malediction is a magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil, a curse.

Here lies one whose name was writ in water.

John Keats


All magical influences can be separated on internal and external, positive and negative, as well as initiated by people or «higher forces». These effects are only extremes, usually, they’re all intertwined with each other, but with a dominant one.

unspellIf with external magic attacks (hexes) everything is usually clear ( really?), but with the internal influence is usually more complicated. Can a person curse himself? Actually yes, he can and after thinking about this, you will be faced with the popular idea of positive and negative thinking, according to which positive mindset attracts positive events, so you should be into their concept of happiness. When something unwanted happens, adepts of this theory believe that's because of your inner negativity.  But what is “positive”?

What’s good for one, bad for another, we all know that. And if so, why do we agree with the only one concept of happiness, success and life itself? 

So, what is the internal influence? It’s a certain pattern of behavior and thinking that leads you to what you want, or to what you don’t, but it’s not the belief that you are the best, everything is fine and will always be.

Positivity, like negativity, is very relative characteristics, that depend on the individual’s nature. What if your goal is achieved only through the so-called «negative thinking» that you are told you need to get rid of in order for everything to work out?

And what is that? What exactly do true you want? Developing a strong sense of self is essential for everyone.

Everyone has his own type of personality and his goals in this life, no matter how «small» or «big» they are. It is obvious that «optimistic mindset» doesn’t work on everyone, some people cannot live in a society of «happy people», which is absolutely normal. No, they’re not demons and they’re not cursed, they’re just others and their happiness in different.  They have a right to be who they are, just like everybody else. False consciousness is your Achilles’ heel.

One will be pushed forward by failure, another one by success, one needs silence and loneliness, another one can live only in society, some need an extra drop of self-rejection to make a move, but some need a drop of self-acceptance. There are many ways, the thing is that any hype manifestation of a certain characteristic will probably not give you the desired result.

For example, the beloved theme of self-love and self-esteem, which works for those who have an unbiased self-evaluation. But what happens if self-esteem becomes inadequately low or high? High self-esteem will help to achieve results by believing in oneself and persuading others for the first time, but coming up in the world without self-development will knock you down.

On the contrary, adequate self-criticality pushes the individual towards self-improvement, while weak will, combined with self-deprecation will never worth anything.

Thus, both situations can cause self-curse, but especially the example with self-denial. By calling yourself hard names even as a joke, you put this image on yourself, you put a mark on yourself. Not surprisingly, after that,  not only you will truly believe in it, but others too. The opposite may be true up to a certain point, as in the example of bloated self-esteem.  For a person with a developed mind, or in situations where knowledge is required, the inflated ego will nót do the trick.  

One should not confuse a spiritually developed person with a socially successful person. At the same time, this does not mean that spiritually enlightened only poor (as some christians prefer to say), nor vice versa.


curseHowever,  with the development of personality, goals and values change, and hence the evaluation of past results. In such cases, positive experiences can become negative, and vice versa, because they are both negative and not at the same time.

From here, we come to an even more difficult question of justice and fairness.
The universe is fair, but not everyone understands its laws. The human social world is far from perfect, far from the creator, but your life here is up to you. Not knowing the law, not exonerating from responsibility, says the social law, the meaning of which extends further. You have a free will, remember.

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