Energy vampires, empaths, and stealing of luck (or money, youth, etc) from someone.

An energy vampire is a person (or a group of people, organization, or object) who takes energy from another person, but not always against his will. Why?

A vampire who accepts and empaths who gives, a parent and a child, a leader and a subordinate, a leader and a follower. These are all characteristics of the same type of interaction, but we react to them very differently.  Being an energy vampire is neither good nor bad, the question is for what and how.

Everyone has a role to play. It is important to understand it correctly and to behave according to his/her nature, and not to forget about balance in relations with others.

In a healthy relationship, the vampire will be harmoniously attracted to the empath and their relationship will be pleasant to each other, but as long as the balance is maintained. If a vampire tries to take more than the empath can give, there will be a conflict and vice versa.

Don’t be misunderstood with energy take vs energy give relations. Energy vampires who take energy aren’t the only receiver of goods and empaths aren’t those who only give and don’t have anything their own. The thing is how vampires and empaths relation occurs and the pattern of their communication.  Any relations is about the balance between giving and receiving, a gift expects an equal return. 

energy vampireHowever, usually, we talk about energy vampires who steal your energy without your acceptance and so hurting you. In this concept, vampirism is close to a “steal” magic, when someone drew specific energy flow ( like money, luck, youth, success) from the victim to himself, up to a complete blocking victim’s energy flow. Imagine a neighbor illegally tapped on your pipeline, draining its resources. You get less at first, but if your neighbor is greedy, he’ll build a valve that will drain all the water out to him, and you get nothing until you disconnect the neighbor from your pipeline.  Vampirism, in this case, has a more general nature, vampires just take energy from you without specifications.

In the same way, your neighbor can plug into the pipe and drain into it all the dirt he’s collected and share it with you.  This is one of the examples of people trying to throw different emotions out. Some people can do both things, take what they need from others, give what they don’t need to others.

This is a common example when someone pours negative emotions on you, and then he/she gets better, but you get worse. The empath is not good or bad, too. Besides, energy matching is important. If you share energy with someone who is not suitable for, he/she is going to sick  Example: after eating poison mushrooms or allergic products, some people will at least get sick.

How to deal with unhealthy vampire/empath relations? The only thing to do is to break them by balancing your communications or cutting the cord with him/her when nothing changes. Unhealthy relations will never let you feel well. Don't waste yourself.


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