Essential herbal products. What type of herbal product choose?

Herbs are multifunctional in their use, we can find them in many well-known products. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they are not. In the modern world, herbs are used no less than before, but the direction of their usage has changed.

essential herbal productsLet's start with the obvious. One of the first associations with herbs is traditional or alternative medicine with its herbal oils, tinctures, herbal blends and so on. Indeed, in the past so-called traditional medicine mainly based on herbs, plants and roots. However, not everyone knows that a lot of modern pharmaceuticals include extracts of plants in their ingredient lists. And this is not a matter of a green fashion. Many countries with cultural herbal heritage support their scientists in their development and research of herbs for scientific purposes. This is an example of how traditions and science can mutually enrich each other for the benefit of humanity. But even without it, traditional medicine is more than alive nowadays.

Herbs are still used in the manufacture of incense in all corners of the world, regardless of local traditions. Although with the development of aromatherapy and the trend of simplicity, a special type of incense has been presented on the market for several decades - aroma-sticks. Aroma sticks, unlike classical incenses, are safer and easier to use because they do not need to be burned. Besides, making the aroma sticks is quick and easy by soaking the bamboo sticks with a mixture of essential oils.

Recently, so-called herbal cigarettes, consisting of a mixture of dried herbs and usually producing in the same form as classic filtered cigarettes, are becoming more popular. However, they should be used with caution, their natural herbal composition contains a great power, which may play against you.

The use of extracts of herbs and plants has been widely presented in natural cosmetics. Though, many modern non-green brands have begun to include natural ingredients in their products, because of their effectiveness and demand. Many massage oils are based on herbs and widely used for healing.

belarchs herbal productsWhere else we can find herbs? Well, for example, in cooking, making floral wines, herbal teas and other herbal drinks. And again, both for therapeutic purposes and for bringing joy and taste, depending on their percentage and method of usage. Yes, wine can heal your soul and body. 

Herbs and plants have been found in aroma products for general therapy, as well as in natural eastern oil-based perfumery. Where else? As a decor for home and events, in the form of sachets or confetti. As a pillow filler for healthy sleep or a filler for toys. In addition to standard garden fertilizers.  

Also, herbal baths are still popular for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. And of course, we cannot but mention spiritual and religious practices, including witchcraft, where herbs still play a significant role.

As you already know, herbal products can be used for various purposes. How to make the right choice? Look at our comparative table of the main types of herbal products and purposes of usage.

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