What does the evil eye mean?

What is Evil eye? What’s the difference between Evil eye, Evil hand and Evil foot?

evil eye

Nowadays Evil eye is a generic term for an ability to cause harm to another being or objects, usually intentionally. This ability is a kind of innate talent but can be taught, also. Those who live on so-called "negative" vibrations naturally, especially those who can accumulate negative energy internally, granted with Evil eye skill by nature. 

In the past evil eye means a person’s gaze that can bring negativity to someone or something (intimidate objects, too). The essential thing here is that a “villain” must see an object to put a charm. The same is true for Evil hand and Evil foot, where the villain must touch an object (or a person) or enter into the house where the person/object stays or meet him/her on your way.
Some people are skilled in every technique, some only in one particular, e.g. only in Evil hand.
Usually, some kind words should be said to put a charm, something like “what a beautiful house you have”, but not necessarily.

Negative emotions, like envy, are the starting point when the Evil eye happens. Some people who were born with this ability often say that they didn’t mean to hurt someone. Is it true? Yes and no, at the same time. Intent and a true wish is a core element to make enchantment, so an honest negative emotion against anyone can works as an Evil eye because of the weak self-control of the enchanter. High consciousness, strong will, and practice prevent a naturally skilled “villain” from the chaotic uncontrolled enchantment of others and will soothe his/her high emotions.

What to do?

Those who have an innate ability to Evil eye magic should develop his/her skill, but never block. This ability was given to you to use it, it’s a tool, neither evil nor good, but it’s up to you how you will use it. Everything is relative.  Your talent may one day save your or other life, unless you shut it up. Also, remember, that regular emotional restrain will lead you to a catastrophe, where you will play the main tragic role.

In addition, whoever has the power of the Evil eye is not protected from the same effect by others. The hunter will become the hunted.

How to get rid of evil eye?

First of all, be respectful to others and stay out of their business. This rule is also relevant to the social world,  but even more for the magical side of life.

If you feel or suspect that you have been the victim of an Evil eye, it is necessary to carry out simple rites of purification. Find more here.

In the first few minutes, try to meditate, visualizing any way you like, how you cleanse yourself of negativity. You can imagine yourself under a waterfall, for example. It’s a simple, but effective method.

If you are in an aggressive environment, we recommend wearing a protective amulet (talisman), which can be used as the oil itself, or any object anointed with or without oil.

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