Simple fire cleansing from a curse

What do you need:
1 candle (4-10 hours burn time)
Meditative mindCleansing oil or Unspell oil.

break curse

What to do:
Put a few drops of the oil on yourself ( wrists, neck or other sensitive and meaningful areas for you). Calm down, free your mind from thoughts, then inscribe your name on a candle and dress is with a few drops of the oil. After that, light the candle and move it around your body up-down, left-right for a few minutes. Meditate for some time, imagine that you are purified with herbs and fire.
After that left the candle and go to sleep. Don't blow a candle.
Don't talk with others during the ritual.

After the ritual you may suddenly want to clean your home, this is a good sign, don't put it off and do it immediately.

Crying candle with knots, ties, bubbles, figures are signs of energy blocks and obstacles that you have. As well as smoke, crackle and flickering of the flame. Problems with lightening a candle, a weak flame, or a sudden flame's blow out also mean that you are under a spell.
Read more about other figures and their meanings here.

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