How does herbalism work?

Your inner state (your mind , emotions, feelings and beliefs) rule your psychological and physical health, and so your life. Health is not only about your physical body, but about your mind, too. A holistic approach is essential in wellbeing and this is where herbalism can help you to master your life and make you healthy.

belarchs holistic medicineWhen your energy body is healthy, then your physical body is healthy, too, but never the opposite. Physical health problems are always a sign of disease in your subtle body. For some time ill energy body will not cause health problems physical body, but will affect your mind and your life. When negative energy takes root in you, your physical body will start to hurt too, sometimes with clear symptoms of well-known disease, sometimes without. In some cases, medical tests do not allow making accurate diagnose or even can't find anything medically wrong.

Most of the physical health problems and life's failures are caused by emotional traumas. That's why your inner state is a key to wellness. Plants are great in mental and emotional recovery therapy.

Plants and anointing (herbal) oils are a tool with individual characteristics that can affect a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual state. This is a well-known body-soul-spirit or vital-social-spiritual triad.

If the influence of herbs on the physical body is not usually questioned, the emotional and spiritual aspect needs to be clarified. Herbs and herbal oils alter persons’ mindsets and full of specific energy to achieve desired results, but at the same time, demanding response actions from him. Remember, to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket, no matter how many rituals you’ve made to bring luck to you.

Clear intent and concentration are the must. 

The specific state of mind forms specific life events and hence, the expression “think or do like someone”, e.g. think like a rich person comes from here. This does not mean that outer events cannot affect your inner-self and be the reasons of self-changes, they do actually, but the question here is who control your life. Herbs will help you to take charge of your life and be the Master.

You get results only when your consciousness is ready for them.

Anointing oils will help you not only to get results, but to understand what it is to be in someone else’s shoes, what it's like to be lucky, what mentality does a lucky person have and what’s the difference with unlucky ones, for example. With herbs you can understand what you lack and what is your true need, find answers to long-standing questions, and finally understand yourself.

In addition to the characteristics of herbs, it is important to bear in mind the person’s individuality. That’s why the same herbs (and herbal oils) can affect people differently. 

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