How to use herbs for physical & inner well-being? Explore the basics of herbal medicine for your body & soul.

Let's talk about the basic methods of herbal usage for the physical and emotional healing, outer and inner beauty. There are several ways for using herbs for medical and other purposes, each one we will explore deeper next time. By the way, herbs are used in spiritual & religious practices too.

Today we’ll talk about the quite simple but highly effective type of herbal products - dried herbal blends.

So, what is a dried herbal blend? It's a mix of dried ( usually) herbs/ roots/ plants. Why not use fresh herbs? Dried herbs are not less effective (mostly) rather than fresh ones, but have a much longer period of usage. 

What else may be added to the herbal mix? Essential oils may be added to the mix to boost some herb's properties. In some beauty or bath herbal products sea salt or clay are included for convenience and better results.

Herbal bath ( full body/hands/feet/sit bath):

Way #1: Put a small amount of herbs in warm bath water and take a bath as usual. Note: We recommend using filter bags.
Way #2: Mix a small amount of herbs ( 5-20%) with warm water ( 100 - 300 ml), leave it for 15-30 minutes, after that filter water from herbs and add herbal water to your bath. Take bath as usual for 20+ minutes. Note: For sit/hands/feet bath you may use up to 100% ( or less) of herbal water. 

Sachet (also known as Gris-gris /herbal bags): Keep the herbal mix in any place at home/ office/ car where you spend a lot of time in a cotton (preferable) bag. You may keep sachet in your handbag or pockets, wear it on yourself.
For good sleep, keep herbs near your bed or put them inside your pillow.
Put herbs in your house's corners to bring prosperity and positive energy to you, banish negativity.

Candles: Roll candle with butter (oil) and after that with herbs. Light candle as usual. For tea candles- just put a small amount of herbs near candlewick.

Incenses: You may use a herbal mix as an incense via charcoal ignition. Note: We recommend to choose special herbal incenses for the best aroma-results and easy ignition.

Food & Tinctures:

Way #1: Add herbs to your dishes or tea brew.

Way #2: Warm method: mix a small amount of herbs ( 5-10%) with warm water, leave it for 15-30 minutes then filter drink. 
Cold method: mix a small amount of herbs ( 5-10%) with room temperature water, leave it all night, then filter and drink.

Note: Be careful with internal herbal usage. Do not use internal along with pills and medication. A preliminary consultation with a therapist is required. Not all herbs can be used internally because some of them can cause personal intolerance, allergy or exacerbate existing chronic diseases. We recommend you to start using herbal products externally, which effectiveness in many cases is the same with internal usage, but safer and lighter.


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Illustration by Arthur Rackham


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