Love spells vs curses


Is a love spell a curse? Yes, it's. A love spell is a magical attack to bind two individuals together. They are not weaker or "better" than curses to death, illness, poverty and others. They are all about the domination of someone on someone. Nothing more.

love spells curseLove/ sex spells usually have negative side effects for their victims like money or health issues because the spell will change and partly block a flow of energy to them.
However, sex/ love spells can work differently, like the victim will have money only if he/she with the person or only from one particular source. For example, money comes to the victim only from a person X or related to her/him, or victim's finances are well only when the victim regularly communicate or have sex with the person X. If the victim will try to leave her/him, then the victim will lose all money and will not get them anywhere,but from the person X. It's like you can't live without person X, in many ways.

Often love or sex spells require physical contact with the victim and are made via drinks, food, jewelry gifts, or sex rituals to put a curse deep inside the victim.

Signs of being under a love/sex spell? The same as for any other curse (read more) but with some specifics:

  • 24/7 thoughts about a particular person or things related to him/her, his/her voice in your head
  • strange need of him/her ( positive or negative), his/her support and advice, can't do anything without his advice (permission)
  • sudden changes of tastes and goals, an unnatural feeling of unity with someone or the importance of someone
  • things are going well only when you are with the person X, everything going wrong when you are not with the person X ( mentally, emotionally)
  • things going strangely bad for you, but strangely good for the person X, like s/he stealing your luck, health, money, youth
  • often feeling nauseous, strange smells - sweet, perfume or something connected to another person
  • health issues, esp. heart and sexual problems
  • a regular need of sex only with a person X, feeling empty but, at the same time,  unnatural "happy" every time after sex with him/her, sometimes changes of sexual desires and dreams about rape, slavery
  • need of love and pleasure, love dreams. 

This is always about deep illusion about a person and changing your own personality. When you are under love/ sex spell you will start to "like" things s/he likes. You will be more like s/he. So think about what was changed in your tastes and behavior.

Read more about wax curse  signs .

P.S. Sometimes you may be under the impression of another individual with "stronger" energy, so you may felt under his/her influences and sometimes become some kind of energy vampire to him/her. This is not a love spell because the individual didn't attack you, he/she could bring you something more in your life, but will not use you.

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