How to empower magic symbols with herbs?

Herbs (and herbal oils) can enhance the power of any magic symbols, emblems and letters and additionally “customize” or specify their action. Herbs especially good work with magical alphabets, veves, sigils and rune staves. Besides, herbs (and herbal oils) are good as a sacrifice or a gift.

How to use?

Do everything as usual, except painting your symbol with oil after its creation.

For example: begin your ritual any way you like, draw your magic sigil and then paint it with oil concentrating with your intent (wish), then continue your ritual as usual.
Or you can mix your paint with herbal (anointing) oil or herbs themselves and draw your signs just ones, without additional covering with oil. If you don’t want to use oil, only herbs and plant, this way for you. The same thing with veves, staves: add herbs or a few drops of the oil into the mix before veve drawing. 

Herbs vs oils, what is better? They are both great, but oils work more delicate (but not weaker!) and more convenient in use.

Which herb (or herbal oil) to choose for the ritual? Well, it depends on your goal and obstacles, magical tradition, knowledge, personal preferences and associations. If you are not familiar with herbs, we recommend our Offerings & Invitation mix  you can place a custom order and we will make something unique, for you only, taking into account all features of your problem.

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