Natural aphrodisiacs: types, methods, users and power

Methods of application and types of aphrodisiacs:

Hot type: stimulate, energize, warm-up; 

Cold type: relax, focus, chill;

Warm type is a mix of cold and hot types.


External (use) - ointments, oils, incenses (including sachets, cigarettes, perfumes, candles). Incenses give the quickest effect on the brain, inhaled agents are instantly absorbed through the blood. In the same way, aroma-oils for diffusers (or aroma lamps) work.

Applied on the skin anointing ( herbal) and essential oils stimulate skin receptors and organs, as well as the brain via scent, but in a gentle way. Ointments, balms and oils should be applied to the lower abdomen and individual's sensitive areas, and in some cases directly on the genitals.

Candles and sachets have the lightest effect, but not the weakest. Use them regularly to achieve the best results.

Internal (use) - food, drinks, infusions also give a strong effect. Nasal/rectal/vaginal usage still have their fans. In the past, nasal herbal medicines were widely used, but cocaine has replaced it in the modern world.

Rectal and vaginal use is not common nowadays due to its inconvenience and side effects, nevertheless, in some African countries, women still use the herbal mixture vaginally to achieve a certain physical condition (e.g : for dry sex).

The main thing is that the aphrodisiac must come into contact with the human body for arousing.

Aphrodisiac''s usage depends on the type of the product, person's needs and existing diseases. Every aphrodisiac's types work this way but differently:

  • Method #1: use an aphrodisiac 30 min -1 hour before sex ( each time). 
       Best choice for external use: anointing oils ( incl. oils for aroma-diffusers), incenses
       Best choice for internal use: herbs, herbal waters and teas, tinctures.
     For everyone.
  • Method #2: use an aphrodisiac every day ( or every 1-3 day)  for a 1-3 months course
       Best choice for external use: anointing oils ( incl. oils for aroma-diffusers), candles, baths, sachets.        
       Best choice for internal use: food, herbs, herbal waters and teas, tinctures. 


For whom?

  • for those how are interested in prolonging the effect;
  • for those who use aphrodisiacs as a treatment for sexual disorders ( dysfunctions) on infertility;
  • for those who are burned out, stressed or depressed.

aphrodisiacWho use aphrodisiacs? Someone uses aphrodisiacs to discover themselves and their passion, someone to add sparks to their relationships, someone to enhance sexuality and sensuality, search for new emotions in sex, cure sexual disorders and infertility, relax, sex magic and more.

Aphrodisiacs are also used as an instrument of power, men over women and vice versa, or as a way of self-expression in society, an alpha male type. Some people use of aphrodisiacs as a means of power over a partner for his retention or manipulation. A more dangerous expression of dominance is possible when someone with herbal ( often with narcotic herbs) help make psyche of a partner more malleable, putting his/her into hypnosis, trance or other specific altered states of consciousness in violent ways. Some people have been using aphrodisiacs in their spiritual practices and rituals to prolong sex performance and to achieve trance state quicker.

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