How to remove a curse?

Do not believe those who promise to remove tremendous curses or damnation from you. You can free yourself without  any "help" from others.

First of all, be honest with yourself and decide what do you really want?
A lot of people who tell us that they want to be free from a spell, actually looking for something different.
Changing a way of using /abusing yourself by others is not about freedom, but about serving new masters. However, selling yourself for a greater price requires greater skills than others have.
You may be surprised how invaluable you may be for them and how low is your "actual market price".

You can be healed by others, with some help of others or by yourself (or almost).
We don't believe in good or evil, guilt and musts, so why do you think others should or must help you? A lot of people think that others will help them for free because of many things like they are "good", "victim, "special" and others. No one is special.

Do you know that healing others requires a lot of energy? Think about why "saviors" want to help you relieve from a curse for free or almost for free? What do they really want to have in exchange?
This is about changing a prison and nothing more. Yes, you will be healed from the curse, but you will be put under a different kind of spell and will serve to pay your debt for your saviors.
If this is what you are really looking for or you think you are too weak for something greater, then go deeper into religion or look for cult's adepts who will "rescue" you.

If you are searching for freedom then do it yourself. Everything is easy and difficult at the same time. If your need for freedom is strong enough, you can do it.
To unspell yourself you need to shake your mind to start seeing clearly, without it you will never find the way out of capture. You can do this in many ways, usually, tragic emotional events make you change some of your beliefs, but not always in a proper way.
Regular simple meditation with some boosters like herbal oils will help you to unspell yourself and change your life.
Your mind and thoughts are like a mirror of your spiritual self. Under a spell, you have a specific look at everything and attract specific events. During the healing process, your beliefs and ideas will change, and so your life events. This is a sign that you are on the right track.

remove spellWhat herbs can do for you? Herbs can improve and speed up the healing process, boost your mental performance, and protect you from outer and inner malicious influences. Herbs will full you with proper energy, reshape your mindset to move forward and break obstacles, no matter how horrendous they are. Herbs will give you hints and guide you.

Whatever the impact, by whomsoever, purifying and increasing your consciousness is the only way to overcome it. Lack of consciousness is the base of well-made maleficent conjure. Strong self can do the impossible.

Meditation, diagnostics ( for example readings on coffee grounds, tea leaves, tarot divination, etc.) can give you clues.

Clear consciousness will make you immune from human attacks in itself and will protect you from many others.
We recommend to relax, then meditate or analyze your problem. Trust yourself, do not deny any “superstitions” and feelings. If you feel strange with someone or something, throw it out. Don’t do things with which you don’t agree.


How to use herbs ( herbal oils) to break enchantment, some examples:

  • Take cleansing bath twice a week ( spiritual baths to remove negativity);
  •  Apply on yourself every day;
  •  Put your photo in the oil bottle;
  •  Anoint different objects, related to you and your problem, like your photo, or a pendant that you wear regularly every 1-4 weeks;
  •  Anoint your house with oil ( e.g. put a few drops of oil on the corners, near the door);
  •  Dress a candle with oil ( inscribe your name/ problem before on the candle) or use in aroma diffuser.

You can choose any method you like, or try a few (or even all) of them. It’s important to have clear intent when you applying oil (make a right short wish). Imagine how negativity flows away from you and the desired result. A simple meditation before and after is recommended.
You can use herbs (oils) with any of your rituals or spells, if you are into it.

We recommend using our cleansing oil or Unspell oil.

Watch carefully what will happens next, who gets out of your life, who gets sick, who gets in trouble, and so on. Keep records. This is a clue for you.

Numerology and esoteric astrology can also be used to unspell.

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