The power of aromas & aphrodisiacs

Some say that heart rules the mind, hiding unpleasant truth that emotions rule minds and lives, mostly. Unfortunately, emotions have at the same time a highly vulnerable and manipulative nature, but plants and herbs may help you in your way by affecting your body, mind and passions with their healing power.

Some connect the influence of aromas on the human body & mind with the history of animal evolution, but we with nature only. In the old days, anointing oneself, clothes, premises, and even food with oils and incense was a daily routine. Nowadays, this practice is live in bakhoor tradition and religious rituals, mainly.

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The fragrance can tell you an enthralling story about its owner in the style of The Thousand and One Nights, including his status and social class, emotions, events and more without any words, only by the smell.  

Moreover, according to a person’s preferences and rejections of specific aromas, it is possible to determine human diseases with great accuracy and it’s one of the reasons why a person’s aroma addictions vary from time to time. We can find a simple modern analog link between chocolate and depression. Only the sent may be enough to accept or reject a person subconsciously, for which consciousness will find a few logical explanations. 

Despite the fact that the modern world survived some significant changes over the past centuries, herbalism aroma-culture has not died but acquired other simplified forms like modern perfumery.

The very promises of life changes for the better, temptation & pleasure, power & success made by perfume’s artists sound familiar, but with a different list of ingredients, where natural was replaced by synthetic. Although modern natural analogs are still on the market and even become more popular due to the green trend. Modern aromatherapy and the practice of using essential oils is the heir to a millennia-old herbal world history, known both in the West and in the East.

Perfume is a modern simple version of aphrodisiacs, however natural aphrodisiacs are not only about sex and sexuality but also about sunsuality and emotions, health and magic.



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