Is it too bad to hear voices?

It depends on many things, like what is bad/ good for you and whose voices you are hearing.

You may be talking with yourself and imagine that you are someone else, this is a path to madness.

In other cases, this means that you have a bond with someone (or something). And here you should find out with whom exactly you are connected. When you under a curse you hear voices and have strange harmful (for you) ideas in your head, that look like yours. These voices are dangerous because this means that you are under a strong spell or possessed by a spirit. Some people may activate the bond, think about who they are and you will find out why.

Deeply religious or spiritual persons will tell you that they also hear a voice of god /angel /devil in themselves, but they are not going to banish this connection, they will make it stronger in their spiritual growth practices. However, these cases are extremely rare.


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