What are sachets?

Sachet (also known as a herbal bag, herbal amulet, mojo bag, medicine bag, power bag, sachet bag and gris gris bag) is a bag with a special dried herbal blend ( plants, roots, resins, essential oils and other natural power objects may be included). The herbal composition is limited only by wishes, creativity and knowledge of the master.
Bags for sachets are mainly made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, calico and others.

For whom? For everyone to alter their emotional state and bring bright events to their lives.

what are sachetsThe use of sachets is a centuries-old herbal tradition practiced worldwide, mostly for achieving spiritual wellness, which is nowadays found in all spheres of human life from magic to daily routine. Consequently, the practice became widespread among aromatherapists and phytotherapists as a tool for emotional disorders and insomnia treatment, creating a hearty atmosphere and bringing happiness, chill and relaxation for users.
Among witchcraft and religious practitioners, sachets are used to attract or banish events, emotions, and people. Nowadays, among flavorless "magic" communities, herbal bags are best known as gris-gris or voodoo bags due to bizarre popularization and deadly profanation of spirituality, and especially modern view on vodou and hoodoo practice.

How to use?
Concentrate on the desired result  (and put a wish paper into or under the bag, if you want) and keep a sachet in a place where you spend most of your time and which is related to your problem, or carry it on yourself (e.g- keep in a pocket), place it in a symbolical place (like an altar), e.g:
To keep a desirable atmosphere in the house - keep it in the place where all family members spend time most of all or being iconic (a shelf where photos of family members are standing, as an option).
For protection - keep it near the entrance door and room doors, windows and / or in the corners, in a place where you spend most of your time or where you feel discomfort, a place that has special meaning for you.
To attract events -keep it at home, in a bag, on yourself
For concentration - keep it on the desktop
For success at work - keep it in the workplace, hidden from prying eyes.
For protection on the road - keep it in the car
For money-drawing- keep it at home, in a bag, carmen, near the wallet, on yourself, on the altar, and so on.
For ancestor worship - leave it on the grave, or keep at home on the ancestor altar
or near the photo of the ancestors.
For treating insomnia and sleeping problems: place a bag near your bed or put in the pillow. It is a known practice to fill pillows with herbs for short-term therapy.

From time to time, the bag can be shaken with clear affirmation. For a new purpose, you must use a new bag of herbs, even if your new goal is similar to the older one.  

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