What are aphrodisiacs? A natural way of sexual attraction

Before people believed in pharmacological analysis, they had worshiped plant's spirits. Herbs & plants help people to bring harmony among themselves.
According to the Cambridge dictionary, an aphrodisiac is something, usually a drug or food, that is believed to cause sexual desire in people.
Sexuality has always been a part of a culture, that under the rule of religion acquired sometimes bizarre, sometimes grotesque forms, and sometimes even became intimidating. Her beauty was presented in a different form with various messages within millennia.
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Aphrodisiacs differ by ingredients, type, method of usage and their power.  First of all, we should divide natural aphrodisiacs, which include only natural components ( like herbs, plants, roots, oils) or food, from unnatural. Both of them have different forms and ingredients, and their effectiveness depends on individual’s characteristics, chronic diseases, lifestyle and environment. Everyone knows about the negative impact of stress on mental & physical health, but missing an effect of climatic conditions on themselves, which are not always positive and balanced to them. 

According to the pharmacological tests, modern science has partially or fully confirmed the effectiveness of certain herbs as aphrodisiacs, but the effectiveness of most aphrodisiacs is still being tested. There are cases where the effectiveness of well-know herbal aphrodisiacs wasn't verified by science despite their successful centuries-old folk usage as a remedy for sexual wellness. Why?  Doubts and shadows about active components of natural aphrodisiacs are some of the reasons why it happened. Herbs keep their secrets.

The choice between natural or unnatural (including mixed) is a matter of taste &  preferences. However, natural aphrodisiacs look deeper and wider on sexual wellness, than their modern synthetic substitutes. Nowadays we can find so-called mixed aphrodisiacs on the pharma market, which is a blend of synthetic and herbal ingredients ( like plant's extract), but are often claimed as "natural" by sellers. Plants supply us not only with building material for our body but also provide energy and information to us.

 Some believe that the name “aphrodisiac” comes from the Greek aphrodisios - “pertaining to Aphrodite,” the Greek goddess of love. However, this is just one of the well-known definition words that has become entrenched in modern culture thanks to the many beloved images of the goddess Aphrodite, who herself is a child of passion and wilde, represents earthly pleasures, where jealousy, treachery, mischievous and violence have a place to be. Natural aphrodisiacs have many hypostases, Aphrodite is the face of only one of them.

Natural aphrodisiacs are gifts of nature, your companions and guides to the world of erotic adventures and shameless excite. Herbs and plants also have many faces, but unlike the Greek Aphrodite and aphrodisiacs, they have in their power feelings and the mind of a person, not limited by sex issues only.

Natural aphrodisiacs harmonize body and mind, including the nervous and endocrine system. They are multifunctional.

Often aphrodisiacs, under the rule of reigning morality and prejudice, are presented only as a cure for impotence and other male diseases. East and Asia have better preserved their herbal sexual culture, than West due to different culture, but hashish and marijuana, which are strong natural aphrodisiacs, have been changing western sexual norms and morals rapidly.

However different tastes and views, gender and sexuality,  shames and religious dogmas are matters of why aphrodisiacs consider as a male sexual disorder treatment or a fertility remedy, and sometimes as a male sex-driver only( due to so-called female frigidity).

As for the treatment of infertility, herbs have been successfully used, including aphrodisiacs, but their composition is different from the classic aphrodisiacs for “healthy” people. This point should be taken into account when choosing an aphrodisiac in order to avoid disappointment because classic sex-stimulants for people suffering from sexual / reproductive diseases may not have the proper effect on them and they should choose the special ones.

Herbs and plants help you awake your bare sensuality, with no limits. Your sexuality can be supported by modern culture, maybe not, but don't think that you know yourself enough.

Aphrodisiacs can help you discover yourself through sex & ecstasy. Sex has always been one of the most accessible techniques of self-knowledge, many so-called magical rituals are based on it. The well-known and widely practiced practice of tantric sex is just one of many.

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