Death Mystery

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Boundless & wholeness.


Death is a taboo nowadays. Death is something impolite and prohibited to talk and think about in modern culture. 

Misunderstanding of Death is based on fear, which in turn, is based on negligence, mostly.

Death is everywhere, sometimes hidden, under the different masks, and sometimes not. We face with Death every time, but don't properly recognize it because of the modern view on dying.

Life awareness is impossible without Death awareness. An idea of the ethereal self plays tricks with planning your own life, makes you forget about your limits. Life has the beginning and the end, and Death disclosure another Life's value- the Time.

What would your life be like if you knew that 1 year / 1 month / 1 day is left for you to live, only? Who would you be?
This changes everything and first of all this reveals your true self.

There is no care for dying persons or respect for dead ones without true respect for Death itself. There is no Life without Death. Death is more than dying.


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