Emotional health & Meditation

Explore our natural herbal oils for emotional health and exploring your true self below.
Tired of "controlled" emotions and being under pressure? Unbound your true feelings end express yourself freely.
The art of being who you are.

How often others tell you about your unwanted and unacceptable behavior? Are you too "negative" or "difficult" for others? How often others block your self-expression? How hard you'd been trying to fitting in?
No more taboos, no more guilt and shame about your true nature. Do you really know how to feel? Unban your emotions and find how to.

Go beyond expectations and prejudices, explore a hidden side of yourself.

Free your feelings, not free from feelings. You've heard many times that you must control your emotions, a mind is a king and the only ruler, but is it really true? Well, it depends. Nowadays, emotions are synonyms of weakness, stupidity, something that must be exiled or at least tied.
There are some exceptions for actors or musicians, but even in their professional sphere there are wanted and unwanted behavior, rules about what and how you can feel and express.
This absolute dominance of the mind is wanted by others, but what's about you? 
Violence by the mind is a cult nowadays.

A line between politeness and hypocrisy, your way of being and others.

A lot of people admire heroism, but don't realize that deep feelings underlie heroic bravery. Invincible warriors never block, but develop their emotional side. This is hard and scary to deep yourself into the bottomless ocean of emotions, not easier than exercising a mind. How often after great life drama people review themselves and their way of life? This is a healing side of the emotional shake up.

Your feeling will always signal you that smth wrong here and your heart isn't in it, but your mind will not. Your mind can confuse you greatly by playing tricks with ideas, ignorance and misunderstandings, no less than emotions can lead you away from your goal.
Block your anger on your boss at work because of fear of being fired, but maybe your emotions are telling you to find something better for yourself, but you are too "controlled" and think that you are wrong here? There are no right and wrongs, actually, but there are things that for you and are not for you, and your feelings can help you to find them.

So-called negative emotions like anger, hate, rage, grief, despair and pain are banned firstly, but even "positive" ones are under the control of politeness, ethics, admiration, or fear of society.

Shape your emotions and feelings yourself, not by others.
This is a practice of self-transformation and self-growth and a part of Life  & Death Mystery.