Occult Astrology

What’s the connection between plants and astrology? How to understand the secret language of astrology?

Each element, sign, and planet are associated with certain plants (herbs), the use of which helps for a better understanding of the astrological aspects and planets, and thus itself. Herbs can help you harmonize your birth chart, transit or synastry chart, empower the positive transit aspects, minimize the undesirable, turn the situation to your advantage and simply deepen your astrological knowledge.

Astrological chart ( natal, transit, directions, birth chart compatibility and etc.) is a complex representation of the faces of reality that need to be used carefully and with knowledge. Each situation is individual, each person is unique, even those who born on the same day, hour and second. The astrology chart represents only a potency, the realization of which depends on the person’s own goals, actions, consciousness and will. The point is, plants can help you do that!

Besides, herbs will get you into the atmosphere of different planets and astronomy itself. Herbs will help you feel e.g Moon vibrations, distinct from others, understand their difference and true meanings of astrology symbols. 

Great for astrology learners and curious, astrology for the soul seekers. Go beyond sun sign horoscope.

Is it possible to change someone’s birth chart, make a karma trick? The answer to this is identical to the answer to the question of changing one’s destiny, to which everyone has their own answer, each of which has its place. We believe in free will and in free will astrology, too. Our products are the tools to reshape your reality but don’t forget about innate potentials and acquired skills.

Your life depends on you only.


Do we follow the Western or Vedic astrological system? We are committed to all,  each of which is a working tool that provides true and non-controversial answers, but from different angles. Followers of all astrological traditions can use our products unless otherwise stated in the description. However, it is important to note that we rely on our experience and proven knowledge, rather than on "pop" astrology, which changes regularly. We take into account and share not only the approaches of the Western or Vedic school of astrology but also some views reflected in the Arab, Persian and other systems from pagan times, which have not been adopted by other traditionsEverything has a right to exist.

We are not tolerant of patterns, profanities and the imposition of a single point of view.