Inner wellbeing

Natural treatment for psychological wellness, emotional health and clear mind, strong will and inspiration.
Works for everyone, but especially good as an alternative treatment in end of life, palliative and hospice care, suicidal behavior and near-death experience therapy.

Useful for those who are in grief, mourn and suffering to letting go, understanding of karma and destiny and acceptance of Life-Death balance.

What plants (herbal oils) can do?

Strong calming and relaxing properties of plants are extremely helpful for permanently ill patients and everyone in deep anxiety or depression. Herbal oils are highly effective in emotional pain, psychosomatic and psychological problems treatment.

Plants are used as a natural cure against insomnia and different sleep disorders. On the other hand, some plants are highly effective in energizing the body & spirit, and are used as energy stimulants. Besides, the inspiring nature of herbs will help you on your way and in new beginnings.

Herbal products are really useful as an addition to psychological treatments for a clear mind and booster of mind activity for the better version of yourself.

Also, plants are a great tool for meditations, past-life regressions and spiritual practices.


Only natural & organic ingredients. A custom order is available.