Brain fog Anointing oil & Sachet- Natural remedies

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Clear your mind with our herbal oil from illusions and misbeliefs, raise your consciousness and develop a sense of self. Get confusion out of your mind. 

Use it when you need to make an important hard decision,  when you are full of doubts and need to be clear headed. Stop being possessed by someone or something, get over harmful ideas and desires of others. Ask negative people out of your life.
Great to find the way and turn the page consciouslyMental breakdown natural recovery.
Put a few drops of the Anointing oil on your wrists, feet on any sensitive areas or put on an aroma lamp or just dress a candle with oil. Oil is not soluble in water, but you can add it to your bath by pre-mixing it with sea salt or salt and then add to the water. We recommend adding anointing oil to your bath (or foot/hand bath) along with applying on your skin to achieve the best results. More about anointing and usage of herbal oils here.
What are sachets and how to use it?
External use only. Skin-safe, but test for allergy.
Size: Anointing oil 10 ml (0,34 us oz.), 30 ml (1,014 us oz.), 50 ml (1,7 us oz.). Sachet - 30 grams ( 1,014 us oz).Filtered oil. Why? External use only. Skin-safe, but test for allergy.
Ingredients: Anointing oil: sunflower oil infused with a mix of herbs, essential oils, vitamin E. Sachet bag ( gris gris bag): a mix of herbs, essential oils.
For education purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products.