Numerology Enigma: the past, destiny & karma

How can Esoteric Numerology support your journey?

Numerology is a tool to get a deeper understanding of the underlying themes, know thyself, and find your path. Calculate your life! Make others and everything completely knowable for you, learn quickly who can comprehend, and who merely stands in your way. What else? Make the right choice, estimate time periods of positive and negative events, and be at the right place at the right time. Forecast the future, review the past, change your life.  

Besides, numerology can give you the answers about your past lifes and karma. Discover your history.

Your game, your rules.




Calculating the sum of words and numbers for numerology. The numerology calculator outputs the numerological sum and the total value from 1 to 9, by turning all the letters, words, numbers, dates, and any text into numbers and digits. The calculator works with numbers, and letters of different languages: English, Spanish, Russian and so-called "European" ( with latin-based letters) alphabets. 

Free. No limits. Try anything, find your number.

Note: for European language umlauts, you can use umlaut letter or their analog vowel /consonant.
Max. 200 symbols.





What's next?

Enhance the estimated numerology number with anointing oils and make the most of life events. Herbs will help you get better. Look below for details.