Astrology anointing oil

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Know thyself. Show up to the world.

Use anointing oil to influence your true potential, turn astrological events in your favor. Reduce the impact of the undesirable astrology aspects on yourself, empower the beneficial effects of planets,  when it necessary, in your birth chart or transit chart.  Herbs are a powerful tool for responding to the opportunities, achieving the results you want.

Example #1: Saturn in your birth chart has “negative” aspects, so by using related herbs you can explore Saturnian vibrations and go through misunderstanding of its nature, get desired results. No more going around in circles. No more the same unlearned karmic lessons.

Example #2: Transiting Jupiter conjunct your Sun, so increase its influence on yourself, expand new opportunities.

Example #3: use Mercury mix (Planet or Aspect type) oil to increase its energy to upgrade Mercury’s quality in yourself, like eloquent speech.


Great to learn and plunge into the atmosphere of planets and astrology itself. Herbs invite you to feel the astronomy energy. Explore astrological symbols, different planetary vibrations and find how they look like, how they feel like.

 Besides, our Astrology oil can be your personal amulet and talisman, or as oil for zodiac signs.  What’s the connection between herbs and astrology?

So, what exactly it is? It is anointing oil (herbal oil) that is made with herbs and based on your birth chart’s individual characteristics. How does it work?
Don't know your astrology chart aspects? Create it here, for free.

What is a Report? The report is a written manual chart reading, with details about your astrological chart, astrological explanation of your problem and methods of solving the issue. You can choose this option for an additional price. Processing time: up to 5 days, after which you will get PDF Report via email. For Chart balancing products, if you choose the “without Report” option, you will get a brief (one-page only) manual Report for free.
Note: Only western-astrology Reports are available, Vedic
(Hindu) Reports will be available soon.
For everyone who wants changes in themselves, and therefore in their lives. For those whose purpose is self-knowledge and self-development.
+ astrology learners and curios, from beginners to experts
+ herbalists, aromatherapists and users of natural medicine
+ spiritual and religious practitioners
+ esoteric astrology users.
Planets:for those who want to bring more the energy of one particular planet to his/ her life.Ready-made.
If you want to bring your birthday horoscope planet’s energy with all its aspects, sign, degree and house position, choose “ Make product based on my individual characteristics”- “Yes” option. Custom-made.

Aspects: to get into the energy of two planets (positive or negative, you choose).Ready-made.
If you want to bring your birth chart planet’s energy with all its aspects, sign, degree and house position, choose “ Make product based on my individual characteristics”- “Yes” option. Custom-made.

Chart balancing:
Birth chart balancingfor those who want to fix a particular life problem.We will focus on one topic only, like money or relationships, e.t.c. , but don’t forget that everything is connected.
Besides, sometimes your life spheres can be antagonists to each other, and you need to choose between them from time to time. For example: when your career goes up, then troubles automatically arise in your love relations. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have both, you can, but with some exceptions.

Planetary transists balancingto make the most of planetary transits during the estimated period.

Synastry balancingis about synastry chart harmonization, for the harmonization of relations between two people (or a person and a group of people, for example, the person and the company in which he works). Recommended for those who want to balance communication and relationships with someone.

Solar year balancingmake the most from this solar year ( from your birthday to your next).Custom-made.

Mix of the year:Reflects all the vibrations of the calendar year, enhances them. For everyone, without regard to personal characteristics. Ready-made.
For the oil made with regard to your individuality, please choose “Chart balancing” – “Solar year balancing” option.
Anointing oil (herbal oil): sunflower oil infused with herbs.  Filtered. Natural ingredients only.
Expiration date: 1 year.
Planet/ Aspects : 10 ml (0.3 oz)
Chart balancing: 50 ml (1.5 oz)
Mix of the year: 30 ml  (0.9 oz)
For education purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products.