Hot sex - Natural aphrodisiac oil

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Our herbal aphrodisiac oil is great for those who need more energy and passion, who are too passive and cold. Our aphrodisiac will bring you fire, joy and euphoria. The high sex driver. Enhance your libido and desire, increase physical attraction with the power of herbs. 

Can be used as a tool for having a forced orgasm.

Besides, our herbal oil is a remedy to treat male sexual disorders & infertility, harder erection & treat oligospermia.

Unisex aphrodisiac, but works better on men. For women, we recommend this one.

Note: Hot aphrodisiac.

As Aphrodisiac: put a few drops of oil on low abdomen area and on sensitive parts of your body. 
To bring joy to your body & mind: put a few drops of oil on yourself: wrists, forehead, neck or in aroma diffuser, dress candles. More about anointing and usage of herbal oils.

Only natural ingredients: Sunflower oil infused with Maca root powder, Raspberry,  Cassia, blend of essential oils,  filtered. Why filtered?
Size options:10 ml (0,34 us oz.), 30 ml (1,014 us oz.), 50 ml (1,7 us oz).

External use only. Skin-safe, but test for allergy.

For education purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products.

Possible side effects: insomnia ( excessive doses), headache (excessive dosed). Do not use during pregnancy.