Sympathy gifts

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Unique sympathy gifts, which are made with plants, will provide your pity, empathy and care for those who lost someone they loved. A simple but powerful way to support those who are in mourning and wish wellness in the language of plants and nature itself. 
Besides, our herbal condolence gifts will help help to overcome grief and bring new beginnings.

Explore our gifts for bereavement in different variants. Which one to choose? Lemonbalm, Lavander & Pine blend is a good choice for mental and emotional wellness, protection and overcoming painful past. Mistletoe + Chamomile blend brings protections and happiness.

Keep herbal bags at home or with you (in your bag, office or a car) where you spend most of your time. Also, the good idea is to keep them in the corners, window sills, near the doorways or into the pillow.

As for herbal oil, you can anoint your home and yourself with a few drops of oil or dress a candle with oil and light it.  Besides, our anointing oil works well with an aroma lamp. You can use our oil any time you need to, but on average, it's enough to use it every 1-3 days for the first time, and then every 7 days.

Simple ways of using our funeral gifts and offerings.

How esoteric herbalism works?

How to use herbal oils?

What are sachets and how to use it?

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Size: Anointing oil (tincture): 10 ml (0,34 us oz.), 30 ml (1,014 us oz.), 50 ml (1,7 us oz.). Filtered oil. Why? Sachet: 7 (0.25 oz), 30 grams (1,02 us oz). External use only. Skin-safe, but test for allergy. 
Ingredients: Anointing oil: sunflower oil infused with a mix of herbs, essential oils. Sachet: a mix of herbs.
For education purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products.